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                來源:http://www.365maiba.com/  日期:2021-06-22
                對于醉仙鴨的味道,主要來自于秘 制的腌料與茶油。那么對于很多愛吃辣的朋友應該如何操作呢?
                The taste of Zuixian duck mainly comes from the special marinade and tea oil. So for many spicy friends, how to operate?
                1. Dipping material
                After the production of Zuixian duck, add dipping materials when eating, which is similar to the eating method of hotpot. This is a direct method. At the same time, the spicy degree and taste can be prepared by the consumers themselves.
                2. Adjust the marinade
                Because the main flavor of Zuixian duck comes from the marinade, adding some pepper and pepper to the marinade can change the taste. However, because the pickles of Zuixian duck are made of many kinds of seasonings, it will take some time to adjust the taste.
                Of course, some people want to increase the spicy flavor in the process of cooking, but under high temperature and high pressure, all the direct chili peppers will become bitter, so this method is not reasonable.