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                來源:http://www.365maiba.com/  日期:2021-10-30
                1: First of all, it depends on whether he has a registered trademark. This is very important. Without a registered trademark, there is no regional protection.
                2:在公司里培訓的那種,堅決不要加盟,一定要去他下面的加盟店里學,集中培訓只教給你技術,口味得不到市場檢驗你的生意就得不到保障,加盟店就不一樣了,他天天營業口味老百姓認可,技術你也學的扎實,還能積累到一些經營方面的意外收獲。還有上門教技術的也可以,就是你開業的時候公司會派技術人員上門教你技術,開業前兩天到你店里,幫你把店開起來再走的,大概在你店里呆個4-5天,幫你策劃宣傳,幫你教技術,幫你賣貨,技術人員撤走之后,你直接按照他的方法經營就行了。這兩種都極大 的降低了你的投資風險,當然了,既然投資就有風險,誰也不能保證你的店100%就能掙錢,正所謂富貴險中求么!
                2: If you train in the company, you must not join in. You must go to the franchise store below him to learn. The centralized training only teaches you technology. If your taste is not tested by the market, your business will not be guaranteed. The franchise store is different. His business taste is recognized by the people every day. You also learn solid technology, and you can accumulate some unexpected gains in business. It's also OK to teach technology on-site. When you start your business, the company will send technicians to teach you technology on-site. They will come to your store two days before opening and help you open the store. They will stay in your store for about 4-5 days to help you plan publicity, teach technology and sell goods. After the technicians withdraw, you can operate directly according to his method. Both of these greatly reduce your investment risk. Of course, since investment is risky, no one can guarantee that your store can make 100% money. Is it the so-called wealth insurance!
                3: 100% of the formula directly given to you is a liar. The formula of core marinade is the lifeblood of a company. Don't you think it's too easy to get the formula for 10000-20000 yuan? Zuixian duck and Hexiang duck with authentic taste are the core ingredients supplied by the headquarters for a long time, so your taste can be guaranteed. Our company's formula was once offered for 1 million, but they were not sold. Do you think you can buy it for 10000 yuan? What you buy is not authentic taste or a lot of additives. So do anything, don't always want to take shortcuts, it's easy to fall into the pit.