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                來源:http://www.365maiba.com/  日期:2021-11-25
                山奈必須外皮(Skin)新鮮(fresh)(xiān)、不沾沙土、斷面凸起、呈大理石(英文:Marble)網狀;草果則以個大、硬而捏不動為上品。四川熟食培訓全國各地熟食都較為普遍,多以鹵菜、涼拌菜為主,簡單易操作且味道美味被大眾所接受。丁香(Incense)由于含有丁香酚,屬增香上品,做鹵菜時增香快。它分公母。公丁香是花蕾,香味濃,母丁香是果實(guǒ shí),一般不用。選料時可看其朵大、手摳出油為佳。
                Shannai skin fresh (XI) ā n) It is free from sand and soil, with convex section and marble network; Grass and fruit are big, hard and can't be pinched. Sichuan cooked food training is popular all over the country. Most of them are pickled vegetables and cold dishes. They are simple, easy to operate and delicious. They are accepted by the public. Because it contains eugenol, clove belongs to the top grade of aroma enhancement. When making pickles, it increases the aroma quickly. It is divided into male and female. The male clove is a flower bud with strong fragrance, and the female clove is a fruit (Gu ǒ  SH í), usually not. When selecting materials, it is better to see its big flower and pull out oil by hand.
                Ginger is pungent and can relieve greasiness, remove smell and increase fragrance. The bittern flavor of bittern training refers to the cold dishes made by bittern method, which are prepared by boiling the raw materials after preliminary processing and blanching in the prepared brine. Generally, it can be divided into red halogen, yellow halogen and white halogen; Sichuan brine is common in China, mostly red brine. Sichuan bittern is slightly spicy. In addition to using old soup, it is also equipped with a special traditional Chinese medicine package. When in use, it is not suitable to use a pulverizer, which is easy to lose fragrance. It can only be tamped with stone mortar. When using, in order to save cost, it can be used continuously as long as it is still red; it can be thrown away only when it is blackened. The purchase is based on fresh color (XI) ā n) Gorgeous, strong and without sand.
                Pepper has piperine, pungent (l long), which can be fresh in clear soup (XI) ā n) It is very effective to remove the smell of beef and mutton. There are black and white in the same tree. The black is not ripe, but it has a strong taste, which can prevent odor, prevent corrosion and promote digestion; the white pepper is mature but tasteless, which can protect the soup with clear soup to remove the smell. It is a top-grade product with large and full grains, uniform size and no shrivels.
                Bergamot is a high-grade spice. Because it is bitter, it can not be used for the first fragrance. Because it tastes after it, it can make the pickled vegetables have a deep aftertaste. Sichuan cooked food training is common all over the country. Most of them are pickled vegetables and cold dishes, which are simple, easy to operate and delicious. It is accepted by the public.
                大料是人們常用的,但不僅知其作用,還知其哪省產的為好,瓣兒開朵大、呈八角(bā jiǎo)、色紅、紋路密為上品,而水泡過晾干、后背部有黃潮的,不能用。
                Big stuff is commonly used by people, but we not only know its function, but also know which province produces it better. The petals are large and octagonal (b) ā  ji ǎ o) , red and dense lines are the top grade, but those with blisters dried and yellow tide on the back cannot be used.
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