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                來源:http://www.365maiba.com/  日期:2021-12-02
                Duck meat not only contains rich vitamins, but also contains high protein, and the raw material tea oil used in it has many functions. It can reduce blood pressure, blood lipid and blood glucose in the human body and avoid the attack of "wealth diseases" such as hypertension, hyperlipidemia and heart disease.
                In chemical experiments, it is also found that its composition is close to olive oil, so it has the effect of reducing cholesterol and is very beneficial to cardiovascular disease. Therefore, the elderly with this disease should eat more duck, which is good for their health. Moreover, the meat of duck is soft, easy to chew and tastes good.
                Next, get the preparation materials. Making Zuixian duck requires good duck meat. Most of them will choose high-quality white striped duck, as well as more than 20 kinds of Chinese herbal medicines such as tea oil, garlic, soy sauce, bean paste and sweet noodle sauce. Yes, you are right. It is Chinese herbal medicine! Chinese herbal medicine is a patent, and culture has spread for thousands of years. With the progress of people's life and death level, it has been transported It is used in many aspects of life, not only the function of curing diseases, but also making delicious food is a national treasure level secret weapon, which can not be simulated.
                It's very important to take part in the dishes! There's also the use of tea oil and Chinese herbal medicine when cooking duck. The taste is almost impeccable. In short, Zuixian duck is made of dozens of traditional Chinese medicine, carefully selected ingredients, scientific formula, regular pickling and high-temperature frying. The dishes are fragrant, delicious, crisp and refreshing. After eating, they can digest, strengthen the spleen and appetizer Strong muscles and bones, beauty and anti-aging effects.
                Zuixian duck provides an excellent bright state. Besides, it uses natural tea oil, which is rich in a variety of vitamins. It can help people reduce blood pressure, blood lipid and blood glucose, and help people prevent high blood pressure, high blood lipid, heart disease and so on.
                Tea oil also contains a physiologically active ingredient, which has a faint aroma and makes people salivate more about Zuixian duck. The duck meat added after Zuixian duck is a kind of food, which has a good tonic effect and can clear the lungs. Zuixian duck is famous for its aroma.