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                來源:http://www.365maiba.com/  日期:2021-12-16
                Because the selling prices of chickens and ducks vary from place to place, the selling prices and profits of finished products are not consistent. According to the national average price obtained from our survey, the profit of each chicken or duck should be between 5-7 yuan, with an average of 6 yuan per chicken or duck. As for the sales quantity and the sales status of the franchisees, the least can be sold more than 100 per day, generally more than 200, and more than 500 per day. Its sales mode is mainly store sales. Take out food is sent to local restaurants, combined with chef contact and wholesale. More and more distribution outlets sell, and generally the investment can be recovered in one month.
                In order to be dedicated to the examinee's characteristic restaurant brand, the cost of opening a physical store is not high. At this stage, Zhang Ying Zuixian duck franchise store has also become a national and can operate characteristic new projects. For investors to open physical stores, the actual cost is a problem that everyone is more concerned about, The online editor will also provide investors with a detailed analysis of the cost of opening a physical store.
                醉仙鴨主推主傳技術性,將傳統手工藝與當代飲食文化緊密結合,當然便促使餐飲品牌項目可以迅速的經營,開一間張英醉仙鴨加盟店借助其有技術性與開實體店現行政策的確保下,堅信這一新項目將更該大量的投資者開展加盟, 門店裝修適配:品牌總公司技術立店適配,進而能讓投資者可以迅速的立店,張英醉仙鴨加盟企業將會完全免費出示尺寸檢測、施工圖設計、物資采購、裝飾設計、工程監理等技術服務項目,技術幫扶下可使投資者在一周內也就能取得成功立店,店面也會迅速獲得盈利。
                Zuixian duck mainly promotes technology and closely combines traditional handicrafts with contemporary catering culture. Of course, it promotes the rapid operation of catering brand projects. With the help of its technology and the current policy of opening physical stores, Zhang Ying Zuixian duck franchise store firmly believes that this new project will be joined by the largest number of investors, Store decoration adaptation: the technical specialty of the brand head office can set up a store quickly, so that investors can set up a store quickly. Zhang Ying Zuixian duck franchise enterprises will show technical professional service projects such as size detection, construction drawing design, material procurement, decoration design and engineering supervision for free. With the help of technical specialty, investors can successfully set up a store within a week, Stores will also be profitable quickly.
                Purchase and adaptation of machinery and equipment for opening: the technical specialty of the franchise store is the adaptation of machinery and equipment for the store. At this stage, the enterprise will present the purchase order and one-stop purchase and after-sales maintenance service for the new project of Zhang Ying Zuixian Duck at the level of store machinery and equipment, production line equipment, raw materials and relevant auxiliary materials, and the collaborators can purchase it locally, Opening a Zhangying Zuixian duck franchise store can save nearly 40% of the cost of machinery and equipment products for investors, which can enable the franchise store to obtain revenue quickly.