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                來源:http://www.365maiba.com/  日期:2021-12-22
                Hanging oven roast duck is the result of the reflection effect of heat supply, that is, the flame radiates heat from the upper wall of the furnace mouth to the furnace, roasts the top wall, and then reflects it to the duck body. If the flame is not completely tied, it will immediately burn and roast. The temperature control shall be stable between 230 ℃ and 250 ℃ to prevent too high or too low. If it is too high, it will be named duck skin, which will turn black under the shoulder; Too low will wrinkle the duck breast.
                The baking time depends on the season, the size and total number of ducks. It can't be too long or too short. Generally speaking, it takes about 45 minutes to roast a 2000 gram domestic duck in winter, 35 minutes in summer, 40 minutes in winter and 30 minutes in summer. When baking, pay attention not to make the chest burn immediately, so the meat is tender, it is very easy to burn, and even bubble in the gap.
                The legs are thick, not easy to cook, and the roasting time is longer. The duck crotch is not easy to color, so it must be lifted manually. The way is: stir the duck, shake it slightly on the fire twice, and burn the duck crotch. Pay attention to burn wherever there is a lack of color, and do not harm other positions, especially the breast meat.
                片鴨方式有二種。一種是皮和肉不區分,其原是一片片帶皮,能夠一片片一片,也可片成條;一種是皮和肉分離片,先片皮后片肉。一般 都選用種方式,右手扶著鴨膝蓋骨尖或鴨頸,左手持械大拇指能夠主題活動地壓在刃口的側邊上,刀頭進肉后,大拇指按著肉絲及刃口,把肉絲掀下。
                There are two ways to slice duck. One is that there is no distinction between skin and meat. It is originally a piece with skin, which can be piece by piece or into strips; One is the separation of skin and meat, first skin and then meat. Generally, two methods are used. The right hand holds the duck knee bone tip or duck neck, and the left hand holds the arm. The thumb can press the theme on the side of the blade. After the knife head enters the meat, the thumb lifts the shredded meat according to the shredded meat and the blade.