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                來源:http://www.365maiba.com/  日期:2021-12-30
                Have you found one thing? If you put the unfinished duck to the next day, you will find that the duck is not as delicious as yesterday.
                Even if you put it in the refrigerator and take it out the next day, you will still notice that the taste has changed slightly, not as fresh and delicious as yesterday.
                It's still the same duck, but it's not as attractive as yesterday. What's going on?
                That's because the duck has lost its soul! This is not nonsense, but proven. In fact, this problem does not exist only in ducks. Except for a few exceptions, most human food is fresher and more delicious.
                Preservation has been the common goal of practitioners in the food industry all over the world since ancient times, and time is our common enemy. In addition to the well-known microbial breeding, there is also the impact of time on food.
                The first effect of time on ducks is oxidation, and the second is water loss.
                Ducks will not only lose their firmness and elasticity, but also lose water, and flavor substances will lose together with water. Flavor substances are substances that can be tasted by the tongue and smelled by the nose. They come from duck bones and meat and rich spices.
                A stable growth environment can inhibit microbial growth. Pinyizuixian duck is a selected high-quality Cherry Valley white striped duck grown in this environment. According to the materia medica, ducks are the first of hundreds of birds. Eating them can supplement essential proteins, vitamins and minerals for the human body.
                2、 It's a manufacturing process.
                The product is made by the ancient method of drunk immortal duck, follows the concept of health and fashion, adds 32 kinds of precious medicinal materials, and marinates for more than 24 hours in order to maximize nutrition.
                3、 It is stewed at high temperature and high pressure.醉仙鴨看似是炸,其實是通過高溫高壓把鴨子過油走油去鎖住營養,這時的鴨子已經是外酥里嫩,輕輕一咬輕松脫骨,但吃進嘴里又有很扎實的肉感~
                Tasting drunken fairy duck seems to be fried. In fact, it is through high temperature and high pressure to oil the duck to lock the nutrition. At this time, the duck is crisp outside and tender inside. It is easy to take off the bone with a gentle bite, but it has a very solid meat feeling in the mouth~
                If you like to taste drunk fairy duck, the best way to face such a scene is to eat it quickly after you buy it home, feel the feeling that the tight duck meat explodes in your mouth, crisp and fragrant, and then take a hard bite of bone after eating the meat, so as to enjoy the satisfaction brought by drunk fairy duck.
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