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                來源:http://www.365maiba.com/  日期:2021-06-24
                The first thing we should follow is the basic principle of the location of all restaurants: large passenger flow. The location of Zuixian duck shop is the most important factor for the success of a shop, which is more important than the finishing touch. It is a choice that every shop owner should not neglect. A correct location may make a small shop earn tens of thousands of yuan a month. Similarly, a wrong location may destroy a shop, and it will face the tragic reality of closing down before he can enjoy the joy of successful opening, Today, let's talk about how to choose the drunken duck franchise stores in the catering stores.
                1.商業街.商業街一般是市區非常繁華的地方,附近有購物商廈,百貨大樓等等,尤其是周六日的時候郊區的人們也去市里逛街購物買東西,這個時候就會迎來一周的客流高峰期,日客流量一般情況下都能過萬,平均每個小時的客流量要過千,這個數字是絕 對不能小覷的。
                1. Commercial street. Commercial street is usually a very prosperous place in the urban area. There are shopping malls, department stores and so on nearby. Especially on Saturday and Sunday, people in the suburbs also go shopping in the city. At this time, there will be a week's peak passenger flow. The daily passenger flow can generally exceed 10000, and the average passenger flow per hour is more than 1000, This number can never be underestimated.
                2.社區店面 .在小區的門前的街道或者小區內的店鋪開一家醉仙鴨加盟店,每天的客流量肯定不如商業街的客流量,但是會有長期的固定顧客,而且租金也比商業街的要便宜。但是在選擇社區店的時候不要選擇那種地區偏遠,或者小區人數比較少,還有像老年人公寓這種的小區,本身自己有消費能力但是因為生活習慣可能不會隨意亂花錢購買消費品的地方也要盡量避免。
                2. Community stores. If you open a zuixianya franchise store on the street in front of the residential area or in the shops in the residential area, the daily passenger flow is certainly lower than that of the commercial street, but there will be long-term fixed customers, and the rent is also cheaper than that of the commercial street. However, when choosing a community store, do not choose a remote area, or a small number of people in the community, or a community such as an apartment for the elderly, which has its own consumption power, but because of its living habits, it may not spend money randomly to buy consumer goods, so we should avoid it as far as possible.
                3.大中專院校附近的店面 .學生作為純消費者的消費能力是不可小覷的,一個學生每天在吃飯方面至少要消耗二十元左右,那么大中專院校那么多學生,每天的消費資金總數要達到幾十萬元左右,如果你把店鋪地址選在這里,收入肯定會很客觀的。
                3. Stores near colleges and universities. Students' consumption ability as pure consumers can not be underestimated. A student needs to spend at least 20 yuan on meals every day. So many students in Colleges and universities need to spend hundreds of thousands of yuan every day. If you choose the store address here, the income will be very objective.
                In addition to these main aspects, the address of the shop should also pay attention to the rent within the budget. There is also water and electricity situation, such as whether the underground water channel is unblocked, whether the power is often cut off, but the key to the success of a shop location depends on the size of the passenger flow and the consumption capacity of the passenger flow.
                Thank you for reading, hope the above content can help you, if you want to know more wonderful content, please click our official website: zuixianya http://www.365maiba.com .