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                來源:http://www.365maiba.com/  日期:2021-11-06
                1. Place the duck frying stove stably, check whether all parts are damaged during transportation, and if there are problems, eliminate them before use.
                2. Equipment must not be near wooden walls. Flammable articles should not be placed around it. Smoke exhaust ventilation facilities must be installed indoors, and foam extinguishers should be provided nearby to ensure safety. (the gas inlet connector is under the electrical box, and the door of the electrical box needs to be opened during installation).
                3. The gas tank must be equipped with a randomly configured domestic low-pressure pressure reducing valve, placed in a safe area more than 2m away from the equipment, reliably connected with the air inlet of the equipment with a gas hose, and both ends of the hose shall be fixed with clamps. The gas transmission section from the gas cylinder to the equipment inlet shall be free of leakage, and other sundries shall not be stacked around.
                4. The power supply shall be connected by electrical professionals. The power supply voltage shall be consistent with the rated voltage on the label. The power line must be connected to the power socket with leakage and overload protection devices.
                5. The bolt with grounding mark "" is installed on the machine shell. The user must firmly connect the protective ground wire in accordance with the safety regulations. In case of electric leakage, it is used to prevent electric shock and play the role of safety protection.
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