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                來源:http://www.365maiba.com/  日期:2021-11-17
                Secret recipe of drunk fairy duck: cumin 35g, star anise 30g, pepper 25g, licorice 25g, cinnamon 25g, cardamom 25g, angelica 20g, Alpinia officinalis 20g, cinnamon branch 15g, magnolia flower 15g, Codonopsis pilosula 15g, jasmine 15g, sandalwood 12g, Angelica dahurica 10g, dried ginger 10g, fragrant fruit 10g, coriander seed 10g, Amomum villosum 8g, clove 8g, acanthopanax bark 5g, tangerine peel 5g, cardamom 5g, dried pepper 5g
                Each duck embryo: 30g scallion, 20g refined salt, 15g ginger, 10g white granulated sugar, 9g monosodium glutamate, 5 garlic cloves.
                Make one duck at a time with 25 ~ 30g spice powder. Marinate 100 ducks with 50 kg of water, put 4 kg of ground spices into the bucket, stir evenly, light the fire, boil over a high fire and turn to a low fire for 1.5 ~ 2 hours without adding a pot cover. Turn off the fire until there is 30 kg of water left, and then filter the residue with a fine emery cloth and throw it away.
                Each duck is shredded with a small half of garlic, a piece of green onion and a piece of ginger. After putting it into the barrel, put it into the cooked barrel according to the materials of each duck: 20g refined salt, 9g white granulated sugar and 10g monosodium glutamate, and stir it evenly for standby.
                The first batch of ducks should be salted in a barrel by changing the knife. After 10 minutes, put them in another barrel. Place them in batches with the stomach up. Then pour the remaining raw materials into the barrel for 10 hours, turn them two or three times in the middle, and turn the top to the bottom to keep the same taste.
                For example, marinate the ducks in batches for 5 minutes in summer, put them in another bucket with the stomach up, and then pour the remaining raw materials into the marinate for 1 ~ 2 hours and put them in the refrigerator.