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                來源:http://www.365maiba.com/  日期:2021-11-23
                We all know that steamed duck made from fresh duck tastes good and has high nutritional value. Therefore, the fresher these ingredients are, the better. However, how to judge whether the duck is fresh when buying? (also applicable to frozen duck)!
                If it is a slaughtered live duck, the knife edge will not be very flat because of the struggle of the duck, and blood infiltration will occur due to the beating of the heart. If the knife edge is a smooth curve, and there is no blood infiltration into the duck, it means that it is supplemented after the duck dies
                2. Second, look at the "eyeball". The eyeball is full and the eye color is bright, which is an important sign of fresh duck meat, and the eyes of fresh duck meat are fully open or semi open. If the duck is kept for a long time or has gone bad, the eyes of the white striped duck will sag. If it is a dead duck, the eyes are very turbid
                3. Third, look at the "duck web". The fresh duck web is elastic. It can bounce back quickly by touching and pressing with your fingers, and the surface is full and shiny. The duck web placed for a long time is dry shrinkage and inelastic. It is difficult to recover after pressing with your fingers.
                4. Four look at "duck skin"
                The fat on the duck is light yellow. If it is not fresh, the yellow of the duck fat will become light and the meat is sticky.
                5. Five look at "duck ass"
                The buttocks of fresh white striped ducks look clean, while those of dead ducks are a little green.
                6. Six smells
                You can get close to the duck and smell if there is any odor or pungent smell other than its own fishy smell.
                7. VII. Check the "certificate"
                Try to buy from formal trading places or platforms and choose products produced by well-known manufacturers. Due to various reasons, enterprises in the poultry industry communicate with end consumers less frequently than enterprises in meat products or other industries. Generally, consumers do not know well-known enterprises in the waterfowl meat industry
                The above is today's content sharing provided by Zuixian duck. For more wonderful content, please click our website http://www.365maiba.com , we will have more content for you later