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                來源:http://www.365maiba.com/  日期:2021-12-06
                Therapeutic effect:
                1.全身浮腫 治療脾虛水泛,按之凹陷不起,面色黃滯,食欲不振,小便短少。
                1. Systemic edema is used to treat spleen deficiency, water flooding, depression, yellow complexion, loss of appetite and lack of urination.
                2.去內熱 產后病后體虛、盜汗、遺精、婦女月經少、大便秘結、貧血、慢性腎炎、咽干口渴 者食用。
                2. Take it for those with body deficiency, night sweats, spermatorrhea, women's menstruation, constipation, anemia, chronic nephritis, dry throat and thirst after postpartum disease.
                食用禁忌: 1.陽虛脾弱、外感未清、便瀉腸風者都不宜食用。
                Food taboos: 1. Yang deficiency, weak spleen, unclear external feeling, diarrhea and intestinal wind are not suitable for consumption. 2.
                2. For those who don't think about diet, cold pain in the stomach, diarrhea, low back pain, cold dysmenorrhea, obesity, arteriosclerosis and chronic enteritis caused by cold, they should eat less.
                3. It is not suitable for cold patients.
                選購: (1)觀色。
                Purchase: (1) color viewing.
                The body surface of the duck is smooth, milky white, and the cut surface is rose after cutting, indicating that it is a high-quality duck. If there is slight oil on the surface of the duck skin, you can see the light red or light yellow color, and the inner cut surface is dark red, indicating that the quality of the duck is poor; Metamorphic ducks can see a lot of oil on the body surface, which is dark red or dark yellow, and the muscle section is gray white, light green or light red.
                (2) Smell.
                Good duck is full of fragrance; Ducks of average quality can smell fishy and musty smell from their abdominal cavity; If you smell a strong odor, it means that the duck has gone bad.
                (3) Shape discrimination.
                Fresh and high-quality ducks are generally oblate in shape, with strong leg muscles and raised breast flesh. Salt frost can be clearly seen on the inner wall of the abdominal cavity; On the contrary, if the duck feels soft, the abdominal cavity is wet or moldy, the duck quality is poor; The deteriorated duck muscle feels soft and sticky, and there are a lot of mildew spots in the abdominal cavity.
                存儲: 沒有處理過的鴨,如果放在冷凍庫中,大約可存放一星期;如果是已經燙熟過的全鴨,食用之前用保鮮膜包好放人冰箱冷藏,則可保持3~4天。
                Storage: untreated ducks can be stored for about a week if they are placed in the freezer; If the whole duck has been scalded, wrap it with plastic wrap and put it in the refrigerator for refrigeration before eating, it can be kept for 3 ~ 4 days.
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