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                來源:http://www.365maiba.com/  日期:2021-12-20
                Recipe ingredients:
                1500g duck, 100g pork (lean), 250g rape, 10g tangerine peel, 5g ginger, 10g shallot, 5g salt, 2G monosodium glutamate, 15g soy sauce, 10g yellow rice wine and 70g vegetable oil.
                Process: stew.
                Side dishes: hot dishes; meat or fish dishes.
                Recipe territory: Cantonese cuisine.
                Manufacturing method:
                1. 將鴨宰殺,煺毛,去內臟,由背脊剖開,去內臟、尾膻;
                1. Slaughter the duck, stretch the hair, remove the internal organs, cut open the back, and remove the internal organs and tail smell;
                2. 治凈的光鴨同瘦肉一起放進沸水鍋中滾氽1 分鐘撈起;
                2. Put the cured smooth duck and lean meat into the boiling water pot and roll for 1 minute to remove;
                3. 將老抽涂勻鴨皮和瘦肉;
                3. Coat the soy sauce with duck skin and lean meat;
                4. 陳皮洗凈,用清水浸5 分鐘取起,刮去皮瓤,待用;
                4. Wash the tangerine peel, soak it in water for 5 minutes, take it up, scrape off the peel and pulp, and set aside;
                5. 中火燒熱炒鍋,下油燒至微沸,放入鴨和瘦肉炸至金黃色取出,再放到沸水中滾約半分鐘,以清除油膩;
                5. Heat the wok over medium heat, add the oil until slightly boiling, fry the duck and lean meat until golden yellow, take it out, and then roll it in boiling water for about half a minute to remove the greasy;
                6. 將沙鍋洗凈,以竹箅子墊底,放入鴨、瘦肉、姜、蔥、黃酒、精鹽,加沸水2000毫升,加蓋用慢火燉1.5 小時,然后放進陳皮再燉30 分鐘,至軟爛,取出,去掉姜、蔥;
                6. Wash the casserole, bottom it with a bamboo grate, add duck, lean meat, ginger, green onion, yellow rice wine and refined salt, add 2000ml boiling water, cover and simmer over low heat for 1.5 hours, then add orange peel and simmer for 30 minutes until soft and rotten, take it out and remove the ginger and green onion;
                7. 把陳皮切成細絲,放在碗底;
                7. Cut tangerine peel into filaments and put it at the bottom of the bowl;
                8. 將鴨拆去骨,放在陳皮上,皮向下;
                8. Remove the bone from the duck and put it on the tangerine peel with the peel down;
                9. 瘦肉拆成碎塊和鴨頸放在鴨肉上,加入原湯100毫升;
                9. Break the lean meat into pieces and put the duck neck on the duck, and add 100ml of the original soup;
                10. 上席時,入蒸籠蒸熱取出潷去原汁,復扣在湯盅內
                10. When serving, put it into the steamer for steaming, take it out, decant the original juice, and buckle it in the soup cup
                11. 洗凈的小油菜焯熟放在面上;
                11. Blanch the washed rape and put it on the surface;
                12. 原鴨湯燒沸,下味精調味,淋入湯盅內便成。
                12. Boil the original duck soup, season it with monosodium glutamate and pour it into the soup cup.
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