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                來源:http://www.365maiba.com/  日期:2021-12-27
                1. Duck cannot be eaten with soft shelled turtle. Eating duck with soft shelled turtle will lead to Yin excess and yang deficiency, resulting in edema and diarrhea.
                2. Duck can't be eaten with chestnuts. It is said that eating duck with chestnuts can easily cause poisoning, so they are not suitable for eating together.
                3. Duck can not be eaten with black fungus, which is easy to produce indigestion and cause physical discomfort.
                4. Duck can't be eaten with rabbit. If you eat it together, it will easily lead to diarrhea, edema and so on
                5. Duck meat cannot be eaten with eggs. Duck meat is cold and should not be eaten with protein rich eggs, otherwise it is easy to hurt the vitality of the human body. It is not recommended to eat both together.
                6. Duck can't be eaten with plums. Eating together can cause damage to the five internal organs
                The fatty acids in duck have low melting point and are easy to digest. It contains more B vitamins and vitamin E than other meat, can effectively resist beriberi, neuritis and a variety of inflammation, and can also resist aging.
                Duck meat is rich in niacin, which is one of the two important coenzymes in the human body. It has a protective effect on patients with heart diseases such as myocardial infarction.
                The above is the main content of Zuixian duck joining to share with you. Please continue to pay attention to us for more wonderful content: http://www.365maiba.com